Food TV: a crop of lemons

The current batch of food programmes is dreadful, all manufactured drama and monkey tennis. What's on your wish list for the future of food TV?

In a year of unsurpassed mediocrity, cliché and downright lunacy, food television has just had one low point after another. Do commissioning editors really consider the viewing public so ignorant that they'll think a ubiquitous fashion bloke shouting "Wok On!" is the next Keith Floyd? The worst moment of 2012 for me, however, was Michel Roux Snr competing in an "omelette challenge" on BBC Saturday Kitchen. Making Michel Roux Snr do an omelette challenge is like making Beethoven fart a sonata through a kazoo.

Devised initially as a cheap vehicle to promote BBC food output, Saturday Kitchen now has the whiff of the rugger changing room. Generally it involves four middle aged blokes, paunchy and smug, moist of brow from all the back slapping and banter.
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