2013 S&A Highlights: For The Love Of Black Film (Abff Chief On Relevance Of Black Film Fests)

Editor's note: As 2013 comes to an end, I'll be reposting some of our highlights published during the year. Those who've already read each one can obviously skip them, or revisit if you'd like. For those who joined us later in the year, missing many of these posts from earlier in the year, they will probably be new items. Here's the fourth of many to come, originally posted in January 2013, with Sundance 2013 looming. It's still timely, with Sundance 2014 around the corner, and a new year of film festivals (notably black film festivals) a breath away. Happy New Year to you all!  With Sundance 2013 upon us, we genuinely celebrate filmmakers of color whose works have made it onto...
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