Returning: Bruce Willis to 'Sin City' & Toby Jones in 'Captain America 2'

The twisted timeline of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has been speculated about since the film was officially announced, but we're one step closer to being able to place the events of this movie on a timeline. MTV spoke with director Robert Rodriguez and confirmed that Bruce Willis will be returning to his role as Hartigan in the sequel. But that isn't the only film with a weird timeline on the horizon. Captain America: The Winter Soldier reportedly takes place in modern day, but now HeyUGuys adds to the confusion by reporting that Toby Jones will reprise his role as Arnim Zola in the Marvel movie. Read on! Let's talk about Sin City: A Dame to Kill For first. With official confirmation that Willis will be back, we know that his segments in this movie will take place before the events of the first Sin City because *spoiler
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