Being Human Review: Living In A Box

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"(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun" was a turning point episode. Not one that broke any new ground in itself, but it set the stage for the rest of Being Human season 3. I think it did a pretty smash up job, manging to entertain my supernatural-starved brain along the way.

How great was it to see Sally in new clothes? Her hug with Aidan was epic. As usual, it brought tears to my eyes. Happily, she did bring Stevie and Nick along on her life raft out of Limbo, but not attached to her in any way. They were able to move on and out her life to find their own happiness.

Sally just wanted to live. Immediately! But getting a boyfriend her first night back in her body? Not only was that unfair to the rest of the female species, it was ridiculous. I mean, geez, let her live a little,
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