Lea Michele Calls Cory Montieth Her ‘Celebrity Crush’

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So sweet! Lea says that her relationship with Cory is so strong not just because they work together, but because they are ‘best friends’. Read on for all the details!

Things may not be looking too rosy for Finchel, but Lea Michele and Cory Monteith‘s relationship is stronger than ever. Lea, 26, opened up about her relationship with Cory, 30, saying that Cory is her “celebrity crush” and speaking about how they make their relationship work.

Lea Michele Gushes About Cory Monteith

There is no question that Lea is head over heels about her Glee co-star and boyfriend Cory. While Rachel Berry might be shacking up with Brody, Lea’s heart lies firmly with Cory. Lea spoke about what makes their relationship work in a new interview, and it’s so cute!

“I really think finding someone that you are best friends with is the secret,” Lea told Life&Style. “I’m dating my celebrity crush!
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