James Franco To Justin Bieber: I’m Sorry I Made Fun Of You

In a brand new interview, James says that when he posted a video of himself singing Justin’s song ‘Boyfriend’ he was told to take it down — Read on for his message to Justin!

James Franco is regretting his decision to mock Justin Bieber. The actor and his Spring Breakers co-star Ashley Benson, parodied Justin’s hit song “Boyfriend” on Jan. 8 and he tells E! that it wasn’t long before he got a lot of heat from some higher-ups to delete it.

James’ Apology To Justin

James posted the video of himself dressed as Justin, lip syncing to “Boyfriend.” He put the video on his WhoSay account and even though many of James’ fans enjoyed the video, the actor quickly took the video down. James sat down with E! at the Sundance Film Festival to explain why he deleted the video and that he didn’t mean to upset Justin.
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