Martin Scorsese is Trying to Make 'Silence' His Next Project Yet Again

Back in December of 2011, word came around that Martin Scorsese had circled back to his long gestating adaptation of Silence, based on the novel by Shusako Endo's. But then March of 2012 brought news that Scorsese had settled on an adaptation of The Wolf of Wall Street instead (which looks to be Leo DiCaprio's last performance for a little while). Now Deadline has word that Scorsese is coming back to Silence yet again, and he has an eye towards production starting in mid-2014. Is there a chance that Scorsese could get once attached Daniel Day-Lewis back to reprise the role following his Oscar nominated Lincoln turn? There's no telling what kind of cast Scorsese will round up, but you can bet it will be good. A reunion with his Gangs of New York star would be heavenly, but there's plenty of good actors out there. And with DiCaprio taking a
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