Doctor Who: more 50th Anniversary rumours

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News Louisa Mellor Jan 21, 2013

Disclaimer shields up as the latest 50th anniversary rumour arrives without quotes, context, or indeed, a source...

Far be it from us to douse enthusiastic reporting on Doctor Who's forthcoming fiftieth anniversary with the waters of scepticism, but there's just a chance that the newest rumour is more enthusiasm than fact.

The Birmingham Mail is reporting, without source or quote, that "Show boss Steven Moffat is close to completing a script which will see the current Doctor, Matt Smith, needing the assistance of All his police box predecessors", going on to add that "Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann have all signed up to record an anniversary audio adventure, and are keen to appear in the historic TV show, too. Christopher Eccleston is said to be reconsidering an earlier decision not to take part, and David Tennant – a friend of
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