Jessica Chastain Talks Mama; Says She'd Love To Play A Bond Villain

Despite having to pass on a role in Iron Man 3, Jessica Chastain has said that she would still be open to appearing in comic book movies in the future. Well it seems there is another very specific part she has her eye on: The (potentially) iconic role of the villain in a James Bond movie. "Enough of the graceful characters," she told The Playlist. "I want to get my hands dirty." There have been female Bond villains in the past (probably most notably Famke Jannsen as Xenia Onatopp) but they've never been the main antagonist. I think Chastain would make for a great chief baddie for Daniel Craig's 007. The actress, who we will see next being terrified by something very nasty in Mama, also revealed that she is a big fan of horror films, listing The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, The Others and Jaws as her favorite movies. "You
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