Griffin Dunne Talks Directing a Segment in Comedy Anthology Movie 43, Matthew McConaughey’s Weight Loss in Dallas Buyer’S Club, and More

From producers Peter Farrelly and Charles Wessler, Movie 43 is a raunchy and outrageous anthology of short comedic movies, featuring a variety of different directors and writers, and starring some of the biggest names in Hollywood. One of the intertwined stories is Veronica/Cvs, directed by Griffin Dunne and starring Emma Stone and Kieran Culkin, about star-crossed lovers who must say farewell for the last time. During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, actor/director Griffin Dunne talked about why his particular segment appealed to him, the attraction of doing something so raunchy but with such passion, how crazy it is to be a part of a movie with the biggest cast ever assembled, the advantages of a comedy made of shorts at a time when everyone has such short attention spans, what he enjoys most about directing, and what he looks for in future projects. He also talked
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