The Weekend Rent: Guillermo del Toro-Produced Fright Fests

"The Weekend Rent" offers quick-hit suggestions of what to watch at home to get psyched for new releases in theaters, on Fridays. Unlike other producers that lend their names to productions for which they have little involvement, Guillermo del Toro takes a personal interest in the movies he shepherds through development. The director of Pan's Labyrinth, Cronos and Hellboy knows firsthand how to get under the skin with fantastical imagery, and the directors he backs as a producer seem to be on the same page. Look at director Andre Muschetti's freaky Mama, which is now playing in theaters everywhere. Based on Muschetti's 2008 short film of the same name, Mama stars Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain as woman tasked with helping to raise her boyfriend's...

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