Guilty pleasures, UK trailer for eco horror The Bay

Never let it be said we’re 100% immune to schlock horror - saying that, Veteran Hollywood blockbuster director Barry Levinson is behind the wheel of this surprising effective chiller, using a variety of (found) footage formats – from mobile phones, TV reports and CCTV to 911 recordings and web cam transmissions, its intrigued enough to warrant a post. The Bay hits UK cinemas on 1 March, 2013. Synopsis: The quaint coastal town of Claridge, Maryland thrives on the safe, tranquil and abundant waters of Chesapeake Bay. During their annual Independence Day celebrations, a gruesome plague is unleashed, quickly infecting the residents and turning them against each other. A brutal and harrowing creature feature, “The Bay” graphically chronicles the descent of a small town into absolute terror. The Bay UK trailer
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