Archer Season Premier Review: “Fugue and Riffs” (Season 4, Episode 1)

Currently, out of the (what seems like) dozens of television shows I watch, I own a mere two on DVD. One is Lost, season five to be exact, part of my prize for winning an Oscar pool last year at a party thrown by a CBS intern. To date, I’ve seen something like a grand total of five episodes of the show due to an inherent bias I have which boils down to this: my sister likes it, which means it mustn’t be any good. That being said, having the fifth season of a show when I’ve not even finished the first will, over time, drive me mad, so I’ll get to it. Eventually.

Meanwhile, the other is Archer, seasons one and two, every episode of which I’ve already seen. In the case of some episodes, multiple times, having introduced my ex-girlfriend to both it and Breaking Bad,
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