Elizabeth Hurley spat with Australian TV reporter caught on video

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Elizabeth Hurley seems to have had enough of reporters. While she and fiancé Shane Warne were walking through Perth airport in Australia, Network Ten journalist Caty Price came up to the couple and asked Warne about the cricket player's recent loss against the Perth Scorchers. That didn't go over well, and Hurley's spat with Price was caught on camera.

Price recounted the event to an Australian radio station, saying, "He was pretty tight-lipped coming in, and did not say much, and then Liz clipped the back of my heels, and said 'Don't you know it is rude to stand in front of people,' which is fair enough. Then I asked her what she thought of the game last night, she spun around on her heels, and mouthed close up to my face 'I think you should f**k off.'"

Considering how long Hurley has been in the business,
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