Peering Into The Sundance Crystal Ball, And Trying To Ignore The Rising Panic

We're hours away from the start of the Sundance Film Featival, and theoretically I should be feeling pretty good. I've checked into my condo, stocked it with the kind of groceries you rely on during a festival (peanut butter, granola bars, bananas-- anything you can grab and run away with), and I've put in requests for at least a few of the films I plan to see. But instead of feeling excited, I'm mostly struck by panic, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I'm completely convinced I've managed to overlook the one film anybody will be talking about 10 days from now. This is how it feels at the start of every Sundance, which remains such a unique festival because of its continued commitment to choosing movies that nobody sees coming. They're the people who didn't just premiere last year's runaway hit Beasts of the Southern Wild, but helped the filmmakers
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