'Workaholics' Recap: The 23 Best Quotes From "Booger Nights"

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Last night kicked off the second half of Workaholics' third season--not its fourth, as so many of you believe--but who cares about which season it is when there's an office roast going on? The boys are determined to be the funniest clowns in the Steno pool when it comes to Bill's 20th anniversary roast, and as usual, that leads to some insane discoveries. Along with dick jokes aplenty throughout the episode, this was an excellent return to form. And we've got the quotes to prove it!

"You want to know the different between a pile of dead babies and a pile of sand? I don't eat sand."

"You gotta fess up unless you want three dudes on top of you coming hard!"

"What are you dick gymnasts squaking about?"

"Bill's so bald, right?! He looks like he's a cancer patient!"

"I think it's gay Not to sip your own tip.
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