10 Movies That Need A TV Spin-Off

There’s nothing better than a movie that leaves you wanting more, yet in spite of that feeling we often prefer filmmakers to leave it there, as so many unnecessary sequels end up being terrible. But what about a TV spin-off of a popular movie? The impending Bates Motel, a TV show about the early years of Psycho’s murderous antagonist Norman Bates set to air in March, will be an acid test for whether this format has viability, and the prospects so far are high. As such, we got thinking about which great movies we’d love to see become spin-offs; movies which seem compatible with the restrictions and freedoms of a TV show format. There’s so many to choose from, such that even though we’d love a Human Centipede series, we’re going to keep it to mainstream fare that actually might get a series or two made…
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