Russell Crowe Drops A ‘Man of Steel’ Bit In A ‘Broken City’ Interview

Last night I was doing some stuff with Netflix running and I saw the South Park episode featuring Russell Crowe “fightin’ round the world.” Thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can see that episode, titled “The Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer” right Here for free.

That episode is about the boys running around town traying to find a TV to watch the commercial breaks on Russell Crowe’s show, waiting for the new, ultimately pointless, Terrance and Phillip movie trailer. I can’t promise this isn’t that.

We need to watch this video about ‘Broken City’ where tone-deaf Javert talks about playing the Mayor of New York Oh And Jor’El Because No One Cares About ‘Broken City.’

Interesting laugh lines about Catherine Zeta-Jones and jokes about pantless-Crowe aside, jump to 3:50 to hear the ‘Man of Steel’ info.

Is That too much to ask? Ok. Here
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