Morning Meme: Carrie Underwood Is About Acceptance, How Ryan Gosling Keeps His Pets, and Neil Patrick Harris Loves a Good Probing

George Clooney is a bit of joker, so I'm just going to assume what he told Italy's Max was his version of humor. “I never fixed my eyes, but I spent more money to stretch the skin of my testicles. I did not like the wrinkles. It’s a new technique, many people in Hollywood have done it. It’s called ball ironing.” It's actually called a scrotal lift, and is a real thing.

Chuck Hagel has written an apology to Democrats for, well, every position he's ever taken, from gays to Israel. On the plus side, he promises to do everything within his power to get same-sex military spouses equal benefits.

I'm sure that this technique for splicing genes is interesting, but I can't get past the fact that the illustration looks like a penis car.

Congratulations to Sir Elton John and David Furnish, who welcomed their second son,
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