question of the day: Is Arrested Development on Netflix the future of “television”?

I’ve never seen even a single episode of Arrested Development, but if the rabid fandom begging for its return weren’t enough to get me to take a peek, the intriguing way in which it finally will return may. From Lost Remote: This week Netflix announced that the cult hit show Arrested Development will return with 14 episodes in May after seven years off the air.... In May, Netflix will release all 14 episodes at once, instead of one at a time. Some fans will binge through all 14 in a day or two. Others will spread them out over several weeks and savor each episode. If you think times zones were a challenge for social TV spoilers, Arrested Development could be a nightmare. ... Take that unconventional, non-linear storytelling approach and consider Hurwitz’s writing style — “pleasantly dense,” Bateman explains — and it reduces the danger that seeing a handful of tweets will ruin an episode or more.
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