Compliance | DVD Review

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Inciting both outrage from audience members and an outpouring of critical praise at Sundance last year, Craig Zobel’s Compliance is an audacious and shocking depiction of submission to figures of authority under duress. Inspired by the true events that occurred at fast food joints across the Us and the famed obedience experiments of Stanley Milgram that took place during the 1960s, the film chronicles a single day in which a faux police officer phones a fast food manager and convinces her that a young, female employee has stolen money from a customer and needs to questioned and held until the authorities arrive, but as common sense subsides, the situation goes way further than that.

Held down by a trio of exquisite performances by Ann Dowd (as Sandra, the restaurant manager), Dreama Walker (as Becky, the accused employee), and Great World of Sound‘s Pat Healy (as the silver tongued creeper,
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