Ouat's Evil Queen Shows Soft, Tough Sides

When fans watch Lana Parrilla as Regina Mills (aka the Evil Queen) in "Once Upon a Time," they may think of several adjectives: Beautiful, talented ... maybe even frightening or scary. But, one that might not immediately come to mind is "Puerto Rican/Sicilian." And that has a major influence on what makes the Evil Queen as fierce -- and sweet -- on the hit ABC series. .I grew up in Brooklyn and was tough . kind of loaded with attitude . and then I came here," Parrilla told The Los Angeles Times. "I.m sure people found me kind of intimidating.. That ability to intimidate has made Regina Mills the perfect bad guy, but also one you might be able to empathize with because of her soft approach as well. In fact, we saw that good side of her, until she had a bit of a bad run-in with ...
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