New ‘Carrie’ Poster Features Crazy Mother

Creeping its way into the cinema on the most horrifying of months comes the story of a tortured teenager. But, this is no mawkish teen romance. This soul will ultimately wreak vengeance on her tormentors in the remake of “Carrie.”

After being pushed back to October, some of the marketing for this film has come to the forefront as depicted in the new poster below.

With the rash spread of remakes that have been populating Hollywood lately, there is anticipation as well as anxiety on this particular film. Remade films such as “Total Recall” and “Fright Night” have been received lukewarmly by critics and fans.

It does seem to be in capable hands with Kimberly Peirce whose best known work is 1999’s “Boys Don’t Cry.” The leads will also be played by Chloe Morentz and Julianne Moore. This new film looks like it will be closer in quality to
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