‘Network’ a mean spirited acerbic masterpiece still relevant today


Directed by Sidney Lumet

Written by Paddy Chayefsky

Us, 1976

You can always pick out the true greats from the history of cinema by viewing them today and discovering that the product hasn’t aged, the message has not faded, and the era was not an inherent part of its magic. In fact, quite often, the visionary manner of true masterpieces mean they sit in equal stead with viewers then they did then. Think of how The Godfather is still an immersive and essential viewing experience, how 2001 is just as inspirational with its maddening visual poetry today as it was in the 1960’s, or how Apocalypse Now’s thematic resonance transcends the Vietnam war niche of war film genre and becomes something else entirely, something very special. It’s another 70’s classic that is under the microscope this week, Sidney Lumet’s often overlooked satire Network, a film of mean spirit,
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