Will the money Gérard Depardieu saves on tax really make him happy? | Deborah Orr

It is important for social democracies to allow the accumulation of individual wealth. But how that wealth is spent matters too

Gérard Depardieu, one of the world's most famous Frenchmen, is now a Russian, after Vladimir Putin personally granted him citizenship on 3 January. It's fairly clear the main attraction of Depardieu's new domicile is its 13% flat income tax rate, since the actor has been flamboyantly fulminating for ages about French president François Hollande's plans to introduce a supertax. He announced that he intended to hand in his French passport in December, after buying a house in Belgium and taking up residency there.

But Depardieu is not the only one who isn't keen on Hollande's redistributive ideas. This week, France's constitutional council struck down Hollande's plan to impose a 75% tax on earnings over ¤1m as "confiscatory". It's not going to happen after all. Hollande is now seeking to put together
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