Your next box set: Bones

Everything about this forensic crime comedy is a little better than it needs to be – and it has my favourite line in the entire history of television

He! is a Catholic FBI agent, a former Special Forces master sergeant, expert knife-thrower and sniper – dedicated to his job and his son, emotionally accessible, driven by a need to atone for the deaths he caused during his army days, and labouring under the name Seeley Booth (played by David "Look what I landed as soon as Angel finished" Boreanaz).

She! is a leading forensic anthropologist and crime-writer, an emotionally unavailable atheist, former foster child, seeming orphan, literal thinker, multi-linguist, vegetarian, amateur highwire performer and kinesiology doctorate-holder who has Booth nomenclaturally beaten by bearing the name Temperance "Tempy" Brennan – a state of affairs hardly improved when he bestows upon her the nickname Bones (played by Emily Deschanel).

They! work together on murder cases
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