Snake Plissken, Psychic? How Accurate is 'Escape From L.A.'s Vision of 2013?

When John Carpenter released Escape From L.A. in 1996, the world looked like it was going to end. The Ira, Taliban, Hamas, Chechen rebels and Tamil Tigers took turns terrorizing the globe. The Unabomber was arrested just before a bomb exploded in Atlanta during the Summer Olympics. Every month boasted both a massively deadly plane crash and a massively deadly natural disaster. Dolly the sheep was cloned and scientists realized Mad Cow disease had spread to humans. Even Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced. So it's no wonder when Carpenter imagined 2013, the year Snake Plissken surfed a wave larger than the Grand Canyon, he figured things could only get worse. But one week into the New Year, the most exciting thing Kurt Russell has done is go on holiday in Aspen with...

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