Ripper Street 1.2, ‘In My Protection’ Review

Having played upon the question of whether Jack the Ripper had returned to Whitechapel, in the first episode ‘I Need Light’, the second episode surely had to introduce a different characteristic of Victorian London, Ripper Street obliged. Stepping away from the depravity of paraphilia and pornography the second episode, ‘In My Protection’ seemingly drew from the characters from Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist; the vicious, barbarianism and sociopathic tendencies of Bill Sikes mixed with the grotesque and creepy, child puppeteer who is Fagin, to create a sinister antagonist to Di Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), DS Drake (Jerome Flynn) and Captain Jackson (Adam Rothenberg).

The episode opened with a toymaker, sixty year old Ernest Manby (David Coon), being brutally beaten to death, with a belt buckle it is later deciphered. It is this case that centres the story. This week, rather than focusing on solving the mystic puzzle of who is the murderer,
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