Skyfall, Lincoln And More Nominated By The American Society Of Cinematographers

Roger Deakins will go down in history as one of the greatest cinematographers of all time. A part of the film industry since the mid-70s, he's probably best known for his work with the Coen brothers, making movies like Fargo, O' Brother Where Art Thou, Barton Fink, No Country For Old Men and, most recently, True Grit, but his artistry can also be seen in amazing movies like The Shawshank Redemption and A Beautiful Mind. The tragedy, however, is that he's never been properly recognized for his stunning work. Over the course of his career he's been nominated for nine Academy Awards, beginning in 1994 with Shawshank, but each time has gone home empty handed. And while nominations for the 2012 Oscars won't be announced until early tomorrow morning, if the American Society Of Cinematographers list of nominees is any indication it looks like he will soon be getting another chance
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