Blu-ray Review: Unsatisfying ‘The Words’ Desperately Needed a Rewrite

Chicago – What sins can a man commit and manage to live with for the rest of his days? Can he enjoy the rewards of unearned praise and adoration? These provocative questions could easily serve as the basis for a compelling thriller, as proven by a multitude of titles including Woody Allen’s “Crimes and Misdemeanors” and “Match Point.”

First-time filmmakers Lee Sternthal and Brian Klugman (nephew of Jack) are skilled at threading these questions into a multi-layered narrative, but have no idea of how to explore them in any meaningful way. Their debut feature, “The Words,” spends the majority of its running time stringing the audience along before abandoning them just when the narrative has started to become interesting. All the goodwill built from a series of intriguing, often well-acted scenes is lost in a single, unforgivably premature cut to black.

Blu-ray Rating: 2.0/5.0

In light of the enormous critical acclaim
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