‘Frankenweenie’ a visually striking Blu-ray release with sparse supplements

  • SoundOnSight
Maybe Tim Burton should stick to stop-motion animation from now on. Some of his most creative films, his biggest qualitative successes, haven’t been in live-action or overdosed on computer graphics. You may think of him as the director of Batman or of Beetlejuice, but Burton’s impact is most powerfully felt in the 1993 Disney film The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Being fair, Burton produced the film and came up with the concept. Henry Selick directed it, although its influence is clear.) He’s gone back to the stop-motion well a few times since, and his most recent film is an expansion on one of his earliest ideas. Another Disney release, it’s Frankenweenie, a story of a boy and his beloved undead dog, Sparky. The bad news is that the film did a bit of a belly-flop at the box office last October. The good news is that you can
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