"Lovecraft was there first." del Toro still pushing for "Mountains ...

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Since his initial comments, the Pacific Rim director has gotten a chance to view Ridley Scott's latest and tells The Playlist, "yes, there are things in common, but, you know, screw it. Lovecraft was there first."

He elaborated, revealing Tom Cruise is still possibly on board. "I'm going to try it one more time. Once more into the dark abyss," he laughed. "We're gonna do a big presentation of the project again at the start of the year and see if any [studio's] interested. Yeah, Tom is still attached. I think it would be so fantastic to make it with him. He's been such a great ally of the project."

del Toro, of course, has been trying to get an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Antarctic novella about an expedition to the barren continent and the Elder things they uncover, off the ground for many years now. Cross your fingers,
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