Universal Goes Digital with 'Uglydoll' Apps, Virtual Goods, and Film

Hollywood studios have long realized the potential for making money with animated films, and we seem to be in a transitional period with DreamWorks Animation moving from Paramount to 20th Century Fox, Paramount building their own animation unit, and Warner Bros. just starting up a new creative think tank for properties of its own. Illumination Entertainment has already made quite a splash in the industry, teaming with Universal Pictures for Despicable Me, The Lorax, and more. Now they'll add Uglydoll to their growing slate of projects, hoping to capitalize on the pre-existing fandom with a more digital approach. A press release says that Illumination Entertainment founder Chris Meledandri will produce Uglydoll, written by Larry Stuckey (Little Fockers) and based on the successful property created by husband and wife team David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. It began as a plush doll of a character Horvath created in 2001, and soon sprang into
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