Famke Janssen Won't Confess To 'Wolverine' Cameo, Hopes For More 'X-Men' Movies

Will the "Future" of "X-Men" include more Jean Grey? It's certainly possible, considering that Bryan Singer is assembling some of his old X-pals for "Days of Future Past." But it's also possible that someone familiar, like Jean, could appear even earlier, based on Hugh Jackman's own admission that there's an X-Men cameo in "The Wolverine."

For her part, Famke Janssen won't cop to the rumors that she has a "Wolverine" cameo, despite reports that put her in Sydney, Australia around the time of shooting. Asked point-blank when the last time she visited Australia was, Janssen played coy and told MTV News, "I don't know. I have no idea!"

As for whether or not she'll ever return to the X-Universe, she said, "I'm waiting by the phone. It would be very surreal. I would be honored to be a part of any of these 'X-Men' movies. It would be great.
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