TV highlights 07/01/2013

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6.15pm, Cbbc

A rather wonderful – and decidedly Pythonesque – new sketch show riffing on all things sporty, from a Swat Health team on a school dinners raid ("Put down the unhealthy option!") to a sight gag involving a drinking fountain that wouldn't disgrace the Marx Brothers. Starring a bunch of top character comics, including Peter Serafinowicz and Tony Way, and penned by some equally gifted comedy writers, Fit (along with Horrible Histories) confirms what parents have known for ages: that some of the best BBC comedy is being seen by children first. Ali Catterall

Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic

9pm, BBC4

A cruel irony: some of the people who want children most are those who find conception most difficult. Richard Macer's affecting film spends three months in Liverpool's Hewitt fertility centre,
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