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The Oscars and Baftas set for collision course, a bilingual adventure across the Pacific, and the dog that didn't make the cut

Oscars and Baftas go toe to toe

Who will be among this year's Oscar nominations when they're revealed on Thursday, a full two weeks earlier than usual, creating one of the busiest weeks of the year for film news? And what impact will this have on media coverage of the Bafta nominations, due to be announced on Wednesday morning (when it will be also revealed that they are now officially called the Ee British Academy Film Awards)? The Oscar nominations moved so they would precede the Golden Globe awards ceremony (on 13 January), but the shift has taken everyone by surprise. I'm sure Bafta was looking for rather more lasting impact with its nominees, though at least it gets in there a day earlier.

It's all looking good, however,
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