2012 Recap (cont.): Losers

<< Continued from "2012 Recap: Winner & Losers"LosersHorror: The highest-grossing horror movie in 2012 was February's The Woman in Black with just $54.3 million. Paranormal Activity 4 was just behind with $53.9 million, or around half of what its predecessor grossed a year earlier. Of course, there were a few low-budget entries that earned between $45 and $55 million (The Devil Inside, The Possession, Sinister) and probably turned a slight profit for their studios; for the horror genre to thrive, though, it's going to need to occasionally return higher margins than this. Romantic Comedy: Romantic comedy used to be a thriving genre, but in recent years it has fallen off significantly. Excluding Ted (which is, first-and-foremost, a buddy comedy), the highest-grossing rom-com of 2012 was Think Like a Man with $91.5 million. Otherwise, though, it was a terrible year: What to Expect When You're Expecting ($41.2 million), The Five-Year Engagement ($28.7 million), and Playing for Keeps ($12.7 million) were all major disappointments.
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