Three New Posters for 'The Host' May Also Be Shampoo & Car Ads

Choose to believe. Choose to love. Choose to drive a Lotus Evora. Three new posters have emerged for the adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's sci-fi novel The Host, but two of them might also double as magazine ads for a car or shampoo. While there's a one sheet that feels familiar with Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel, the other two are just strange. One with Diane Kruger prominently features a shiny Lotus Evora in the desert while the other has Ronan and Irons embracing romantically either in the rain or a shower, which immediately reminded me of Herbal Essences shampoo. See the new posters yourself below! Here's the three new posters for Andrew Niccol's The Host from Yahoo: Andrew Niccol (In Time, Gattaca, Lord of War) wrote and directed the adaptation of The Host, based on the sci-fi novel of the same name by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer.
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