President Obama: Moment He Learns Of Sandy Hook Massacre — Pic

A new picture has been released that shows the awful moment where President Barack Obama first heard about the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. So sad.

Three weeks after the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, a new photo has been revealed that shows President Barack Obama standing in the oval office as he learns the news that 26 innocent victims had been killed in the awful shooting. The photo was released on Jan. 3 by the White House, and it shows President Obama standing with his head bowed on what he calls the “worse day of my presidency.”

President Obama Learns The News

On Dec. 14, crazed gunman Adam Lanza entered the school in Newtown, Conn. and killed 20 children and 6 adults. The world was rocked by the tragedy, and President Obama was a pillar of strength for the affected community. Now his reaction to the news is revealed, as the new picture
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