Can Borgen break the curse of the second series?

Second series can be notoriously difficult but, judging by the first two episodes, Borgen can handle it. Expect to find Birgitte Nyborg on brilliant form …

As Barack Obama is currently discovering, a second term in office brings a whole new set of problems for politicians. And, having won a large cult following in Britain with the first year of her coalition government, the Danish prime minister Birgitte Nyborg this weekend returns to office in series two of Borgen (Saturday, 9pm, BBC4).

As a number of shows have recently found out, including Homeland and Miranda, going before the public and press another time can be as treacherous in television as in politics: the capital of novelty and enthusiasm are rapidly spent if viewers suspect repetition or desperation.

It helps if there is a narrative logic to continuation, and there is an in-built advantage to settings that measure out time in terms:
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