Paul Giamatti Gets Scared Stupid In New John Dies At The End Red Band Clip

The marketing push behind John Dies at the End has been on a roll lately. A few days ago we got an special anti-piracy trailer, this afternoon an "alternative" poster popped online, and now we have a bit of red band goodness for you. A brand new restricted clip has arrived online and I think the highlight has to be the number of times Paul Giamatti squeezes the word "shit" into his dialogue. You can watch the scene below, courtesy of Yahoo! and be warned that there's a solid fright just a few seconds in. Prepare! I haven't read the novel that the movie is based on, but from what I can tell from this clip it would seem that the plot involves creatures that are invisible while being directly looked at, and can only be seen with an open mind and solid peripheral vision. It's an idea that should
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