Dredd Blu-ray Trailer Leaves Behind A Body Count

Dredd.s 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD is just around the corner, hitting the market on January 8. To celebrate the release, and to let you know what you.ve been missing if you haven.t caught the flick, Lionsgate has put together a home entertainment release trailer that.s chock full of action. The Dredd Blu-ray and DVD trailer takes a look as some of the flick.s coolest action sequences, as well as shows off Judge Dredd.s most hardass characteristics, and gives those who haven.t seen the flick some hints about Dredd and Cassandra.s partnership during the movie.s mission. Overall, the trailer highlights the film far more than it highlights the home entertainment sets themselves, which is a shame, because fans of the flick should actually have a lot to look forward to. Without getting into the full list of bonus features again, I.ll
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