Ashley Tisdale To Be Left Behind With Nicolas Cage In Rapture Drama

Even if you're not religious, you've probably heard of the Christian eschatology term "the rapture." If you haven't, it's essentially a vision of the end of the world where upon the second coming of Jesus, God will pluck the best of us straight off the earth and up to heaven, leaving the rest of humanity behind to suffer the apocalypse. It's a concept that has sparked a bunch of creative endeavors, from the meme where people photograph their vacated clothes as if they'd been abruptly raptured, to the thoughtful, hilarious, and captivating Tom Perrotta novel The Leftovers, to the expansive and popular Left Behind book series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Having spawned 16 best-selling novels, it might not surprise you it.s the last that's getting a movie adaptation geared toward a franchise. Hang on a minute, you might say. Didn't they already make a trilogy of Left
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