A sneaker and a shoe

Night on a highway somewhere. A hat and a shoe. In its very simplicity the photograph signals it has some hidden significance.

The caption explains that the two objects on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles are at the spot where a young man named Chris Guerra was struck by a SUV and killed at about 6 p.m. New Year's Day while trying to cross the four-lane highway.

Chris Guerra was 29. He had moved to Los Angeles in March, hoping to find success as a paparazzi. According to news reports, he'd been stalking Justin Bieber on the holiday, and at the Four Seasons Hotel thought he might have seen Bieber smoking pot.

When Bieber's $200,000 Ferrari left the hotel, Guerra followed it in pursuit. The Four Seasons has an oval-shaped front entrance drive, obscured from street view by a wall of shrubbery, and a photographer outside on the street might not have
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