Music in Film: top 12 movie soundtracks of 2012

Odd List Ivan Radford Jan 3, 2013

As 2012 recedes into history, Ivan counts down his pick of the year's finest movie soundtracks...

While Den of Geek writers were busy voting for the top film of the year, I’ve been rifling through my collection of albums from the last 12 months to work out which film soundtrack was the best. The conclusion? It’s been one heck of a year. (Please excuse the long list of Honourable Mentions at the end…)

These are the best movie soundtracks of 2012. Probably.

1. The Master (Jonny Greenwood)

A quick rewatch of the trailer to Paul Thomas Anderson’s film reminds you of the power of Jonny Greenwood’s music. The Master is surpassed by its haunting score, which nails the psychological state of Joaquin Phoenix’s Able-Bodied Seamen, increasingly dominated by His Master’s Voice. It may not be as lyrical as Greenwood’s Norwegian Wood soundtrack,
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