The Forgotten: It's All Part of the Process, Gregory

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"I have a brain tumor."

"It's all in your head."

What to make of Moment to Moment, Robert Downey's 1975 sketch-format feature film? Following in the wake of rather more professional, organized and (relatively) big budgets romps like Putney Swope, Pound and Greaser's Palace, it in a sense marks a step backwards to the shambling, purposeless derangement of Chafed Elbows (1966) and similarly centers around a series of deft and goofy comic performances from Downey's writing partner and muse Elsie (L.C.) Downey.

"Why don't you go outside and make a movie?"

"And ruin my skin?"

In a sense, this 85 minute affair, available in its original cut as an Avi ripped from a DVD-r ripped from VHS (until recently the fate of most of R.D.'s films), or in a new re-edit on the Eclipse Box Set Up All Night with Robert Downey Sr., can perhaps best be understood as
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