Westerns find their new normal

Westerns are one of those rare, uniquely American film genres. They dominated film screens for years, were amongst some of the finest stories told in film, and they are films that have created some of the most compelling characters in film history.

But somewhere around the brilliant, sprawling mini-series Lonesome Dove in 1989, the western lost its appeal to the mass audience. They suddenly seemed out of touch and with the exception of movies like Young Guns (and its sequel). In recent years, however, westerns have been making an unmistakable resurgence in both film and television.

They didn’t completely disappear, though. In fact a few would pop up every few years in the 90s, some of the most notable include Unforgiven in 1992, Dances with Wolves in 1990, 1994’s Maverick and 1993’s Tombstone. They’d make a splash and everyone would talk about how it was going to revive the genre but alas it never really happened.
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