Watch: Hilarious Bonus Extras from Judd Apatow's '60 Minutes' Interview

There were a bunch of really important football games changing your life this past Sunday -- not to mention you were probably crazy busy prepping for another non-eventful New Year's Eve "bash" -- but we hope some of you carved out a little bit of time to watch Judd Apatow's interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes. The interview itself is not unlike Apatow's movies: witty, charming, a bit goofy and generally pleasant to watch unfold. Ya know, it just makes you feel good. Aside from the full interview, 60 Minutes posted a few extras that didn't air. Here's one where real-life wife (and This Is 40 star) Leslie Mann talks about the first date she ever went on with Apatow, including a hilarious line at the end (courtesy of Judd) that embarrasses...

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