David Cronenberg Clarifies Comments About 'Dark Knight' Series, Questions Comic Book Movies As Cinematic Art

Last summer, David Cronenberg caused a bit of an uproar among fanboy circles when it was reported that he said Christopher Nolan's best film was "Memento," and by comparison, his Batman films were "boring." Of course, this caused quite the heated reaction on the interwebs, but with his own "Cosmopolis" hitting home video his week, we got a chance to sit down with Cronenberg, and we couldn't help but ask him about that minor controversy. And while he chalks up some of it to his words being taken out of context, he's still not convinced of the potential of the comic book movie genre.  "No, I haven't seen ['The Dark Knight Rises']. See, this is how it all gets distorted. The question was asked, to me. And, of course, when they quote me, they never quote themselves or the question that provoked the response," Cronenberg explained. "I was asked, then the journalist woman said,
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