Extreme Fans: Everything Wrong With The Amazing Spider-Man in Two Minutes [Video]

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Peter Parker is one of Marvel Comics' most enduring characters, as popular as ever since making his print debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962. The subject of several animated series, a 1970s live-action TV series, a trilogy of movies and, most recently, last year's movie reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, the character has found success in a variety of mediums. However, Spider-Man fans are not always pleased with the way the character is portrayed, as evidenced in the recent issue of The Amazing Spider Man #700, where Peter Parker's fate wasn't well-received by some fans, who sent writer Dan Slott death threats online as a result.

While there weren't death threats sent to Sony of the Amazing Spider-Man movie (that we know of), there were some that weren't happy with the studio's reboot of the Spider-Man movie franchise. After earning $752 million in worldwide box office, The Amazing Spider-Man was certainly a financial success,
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